About The Game

About T4 Funeral:

T4F is a game of action and timing. You jump and shoot your way through five worlds of intense combat.
You can find many hidden extras and powerups that will aid you in your quest to destroy the countless hordes of the Machine.
Finding extras and destroying enemies raises your score. If your score is high enough you will enter a rank in the Hall of Fame.

There are 5 Worlds to explore, each with his own dangers and enemies:

World 1: Arrival - Discover the unexplored mountains of planet Katakis.
World 2: Hard Woods - Beware of falling rocks and deadly acid swamps.
World 3: Wreck - Sunken spacecraft, dead obstacles, dangerous creatures. Remember, the Powerline won´t work under water ;)
World 4: Flesh - Organic technology and bizarre landscape inside the living core of the planet.
World 5: Destruction

The game features a complete new soundtrack which as well as all the graphics and design has been composed and drawn by me especially for T4 Funeral.




T4 Funeral 2004 by Gert Lüdecke "Dex" T4F is based on the T2002 Engine by Pekaro Software, www.pekaro.de